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Buffalo Bills VS Tennessee Titans Game Result On Tuesday Night Football | NFL

Buffalo Bills VS Tennessee Titans Game Result. Buffalo Bills VS Tennessee Titans game was held on Friday night .We enjoyed a great game. The Tennessee Titans meet the Buffalo Bills in Week 3 of the NFL season on Tuesday at 6:00 a.m. from Bank of America Stadium. The high-voltage Game ended with Tennessee Titans/Buffalo Bills 0-0. All the viewers of the NFL, including the residents of America, enjoyed the Game with great excitement.It was a great Friday in NFL football.

Buffalo Bills VS Tennessee Titans

Game Start Time Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 6:15 am
TV Channel CBS
Live Stream fuboTV, Paramount+FOX, NFL Network Redzone and ESPN


Game Result

(2-1) Buffalo Bills 41-7 Tennessee Titans (2-1)

Let’s take a look at the details of today’s complete game at a glance through the box below. The box describes the team’s statistics.

Team Stats Buffalo Bills Tennessee Titans
Total Yards 414 187
Passing Yards 313 107
Russing Yards 101 80
Yards Per Play 6.4 3.5
1st Downs 23 12
3rd Down Efficiency 5/13 4/12
4th Down Efficiency 2/3 1/1
Total Plays 65 53
Sacks Alowed 1 2
Punts 3 6
Penalties  8 (49) 9 (87)
Fumbles 0 2
Interceptions Thrown 0 2
Time Of Possession 31:35 28:26


How to watch NFL Games this season?

plus NFL Network, CBS, FOX, NFL Network Redzone and ESPN are fuboTV’s local NFL coverage. FuboTV makes it possible to watch every game of the NFL, including the networks. fuboTV allows you to watch live sports on your phone, tablet, desktop, TV, etc. devices. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Plus and many other OTT platforms are available to watch NFL live.

The United States National Football League has television contracts with five networks, namely ABC, CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC. The networks collectively cover every regular season and postseason game. In general, CBS televises AFC team games and Fox carries NFC games. These two television networks cannot carry all games at the same time, so different networks broadcast other games under contract. If you want to watch local sports, you must buy Sunday tickets so that you can enjoy the games easily. Click the link below to watch this match live.


How to buy tickets?

You can also enjoy the games locally by purchasing tickets online. You can even choose where you want to sit on the field to enjoy the game from the NFL’s official website. If you want to enjoy every game of the NFL from your favorite place, click on the link below.


National Football League

National Football League

The NFL began its journey more than 100 years ago on September 17, 1920. In the beginning this game was called In the beginning this game was called American Professional Football Conference  (APFC) (1920). In the middle of that year, its name was changed for the second time in the name of the American Professional Football Association  (APFA) (1920-1921). Later its name was changed to National Football League. Currently, the headquarters of the NFL is located in New York (345 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10154 U.S), USA. The NFL continues its operations with 32 teams.Below is a brief overview of these groups.


Buffalo Bills VS Tennessee Titans
This chart of the 2021 season standings displays an application of the NFL scheduling formula. The Rams in 2021 (highlighted in green) finished in first place in the NFC West. Thus, in 2022, the Rams will play two games against each of its division rivals (highlighted in light blue), one game against each team in the NFC South and AFC West (highlighted in yellow), one game each against the first-place finishers in the NFC East and NFC North (highlighted in orange) and one game against the team who finished first in the AFC East (highlighted in pink).

Buffalo Bills VS Tennessee Titans Game Result On Friday Night Football | NFL

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