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Shepherd University Study Abroad Programs

Shepherd University situated in West Virginia founded in 1871. One of the oldest institutions in Virginia. Lots of students are studying currently. Foreign applicants apply from different regions as well. The students from emerging or poor countries have the chance to take admission also.

The university has many monetary packages to support students. Those are nonrefundable. Besides, there are loans and grants available for both domestic and foreign candidates. This way, the applicants find all facilities, including financial to study. But those funds are competitive and require some potential. Not all students can apply for a scholarship program.

If a student is needy or has good academic results can get the priority. Except for the need and merit-based scholarship, some other types of schemes are given too. So, let’s see the monetary scheme of Shepherd University study abroad.

Shepherd University Study Abroad Programs: Freshmen Scholarships The new students who are taking admission in the institution will be entitled to Freshmen Scholarship. Students must have a GPA of 3 and go through a test. The test result and GPA will be determined for the funds. This scheme is renewable upon academic performance.

Athletic Scholarships: Athletic funding is allocated for candidates who are good athletes. The coach of the university will select applicants for the funds. For this scheme students’ result, proficiency, the skill of the particular game is considered. Academic results are evaluated less seriously than other sports-related factors.

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Department Scholarships: This scholarship are provided on different programs of a department. For example, MBA scholarship, Medical scholarship, Architecture scholarship, etc. Contact the department head for these funds. The department head will view all documents regarding the programs. They usually decide who will be nominated for the bursary.

McMurran Scholars Scholarship: McMurran Scholars was founded in 2011 with the donation of the McMurran Scholars foundation. The students of Shepherd University can apply to the foundation for financial aid. All the graduate candidates, full-time or part-time, are welcome to apply. The foundation covers all tuition fees, books and provides monthly stipends. For more to learn, visit the fees and scholarship management on the university’s site.

International Students: All the scholarships above are available for all US citizens or those who have permanent residence in the US. But many universities don’t allow international students in several schemes. Otherwise, the opportunity is limited for foreign candidates.

However, Shepherd University is different. All overseas students who enroll at the institution can apply to many funds of the university. Merit-based, athletic, Multicultural Leadership scholarships, etc are open for outsiders students of the USA. There is a department of foreign affairs for internationals they can keep in touch with them. They manage all problems regarding financial or anything of overseas candidates.

Other Scholarship Programs: Lots of scholarships are offered by Shepherd University for all kinds of students. Have a look at them below: Honors Program. Multicultural Leadership Scholarship. Scholarship of Financial Aid’s Office. Shepherd University Scholarship Foundation. State Scholarship. Private Scholarship.

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