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Apply Montreal University Canada Scholarships

Apply Montreal University Canada Scholarships. Do you want to study abroad? Apply Montreal University Canada Scholarships. Montreal University of Canada offers you the opportunity to study in Canada with a free scholarship. We all know how expensive it is to study outside the country where the annual cost is around 6000$. No worries, however, as the Montreal University of Canada has decided to provide a number of scholarships completely free of charge. Where meritorious students from different countries can apply. You do not have to spend any money to apply here. You can apply for free.

About Montreal University Scholarship 2023

About Montreal University Scholorship
Scholorship Country: Canada
Scholorship University : Montreal University
Scholorship Deadline: sep 1 2022
Study Level: PhD, Mastars, Bachelors
Coverage: Fully Funded by Canada Government.


Although these foundations are for permanent residents of Canada. But for those who want to study from outside, there is a lot of money here. This means that they can also get the opportunity to study here through scholarship. There are several scholarship opportunities available online. All you have to do is find out which scholarship you are eligible for. Below is a guideline on how to find a Montreal University Scholarship to help you.
Special note: Permanent residents of Canada can apply for this scholarship here.

What is proof of residence Cirtificate?

This is a certificate that serves as proof of our current address. This document must be collected within one year just before the application deadline. You can collect this document from your city corporation, municipality, councilor’s office or union council. Note: This will not be acceptable without a certified copy. Birth certificate is not residence certificate. However, attested enrollment certificate will be accepted for the students.

Some Rules of Application Are Given

First you visit their website. Start writing down the information you have and all the educational awards you have earned in a file and collect them in an Excel spreadsheet. Attach an additional file to your resume. Prepare this information before September so that you can submit it as soon as they open admission.



Level A: $11,998 per year, 30 credits in 2 session inclusions or $ 5,999 per session which can be 15 credits and $ 399 per credit.
Level B: $5,718 per year, 30 credits in 2 session inclusions or $2,859 per session which can be 15 credits and 190.60 per credit.
Level C: $2,000 per year, 30 credits in 2 session inclusions or $1,000 per session which can be 15 credits and $66.67 per credit.


$9,420/year, 45 credits or $3,140/session, 15 credits



$19,339 per year which is 45 credits including three sessions or  $6,546 per session for the duration of your degree which can be 15 credits.


Documents required for the Montreal University scholarship

The necessary information or documents are Degree transcript, proof of identity, letter of recommendation, letter of motivation for scholarship.

How to apply

Click on the link below to apply: Apply For Montreal University scholarship Canada.

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