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DV Lottery

Apply Green Card Lottary 2023

If you are a lucky green cardholder, you can become a legal US citizen after five years of residency. This happens through a naturalization process in which you must pass an exam. The Certificate of Naturalization holders is given a number of advantages, including: The right to vote; The right …

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Apply DV Lottery

How can I apply for the DV Lottery Eligible individuals can register for the Diversity Visa (DV Lottery) from the official website of the United States Department of State. The whole process is free. Each application form is explicitly examined by state-approved immigration consultants. You can apply from the official …

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History of the DV Lottery

There are currently more than 10 million immigrants living in the United States with green cards. The first DV lottery program was launched in 1940. Initially it was called “Alien Registration Receipt Card”. It looked like a credit card. The cards had green text and green pictures. Thus, its name …

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