How To create Google Voice?

How To create Google Voice? Today we will talk about Google Voice. Today’s article will discuss in detail how to open and use a Google Voice account. First we need to know what a Google Voice account is. A Google Voice account is an app or activity from Google. Google first launched this app on March 11, 2009. Many times we don’t want to share our personal numbers with everyone. Google has taken this initiative to solve this problem. That is why Google provides a virtual number instead of your SIM card number which is possible through this Google Voice. Google provides this virtual number by linking up with your number.

How To create Google Voice

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a virtual American phone number. This is basically what we use as a USA number, such as chatting, talking to someone on the phone, or billing.

What does it take to open the voice of the phone?

You will need a rooted mail to get started with Google Voice. Below is how to open Root Mail. You may also need to use a proxy called Dichvusocks. Click Here to learn how to use Dichvusocks Proxy. You will also need a USA number, Click Here to find out how.

How To create Google Voice?

You must first go to any one browser. Now set the IP from the root mail you have created. Click Here to know how to set IP through Dichvusocks Proxy. Make sure you match the time zone with your proxy. Then sign the mail you created. Of course it has to be much better quality mail. Now if you type Google Voice and do a Google search, the Google Voice web page will open. Now you need to verify it by submitting a USA number. Click Here to know how to get USA number. Once verified, your Google Voice account will be created.

How much does Google Voyage cost?

Buying Google Voice from any marketplace will cost you around 1-3 USD.

Why Google Voice is lost?

Google Voice is occasionally disabled. Then ask to verify. If we repeatedly send our Google Voice link to someone, then Google counts it as spam and then our Google Voice account becomes disabled. Also, if you leave your Google Voice account unused for three to four months, it will be ruined.

How to transfer Google Voice?

Google Voice Transfer is an important issue. According to the current update of Google Voice, Google Voice can never be transferred. However, in some cases Google Voice Transfer can be done, we will discuss later.।

Is it possible to earn money with Google Voice ?

Yes, of course you can earn income from Google Voice app. You can make money by opening multiple Google Voices and selling them.

How do we use a Dichvusocks proxy?

It is very popular among good quality proxies at low prices. We will discuss here how to buy Dichvusocks Proxy ID and use it in your emulator. If you want to buy Dichvusocks ID, first you have to go to this website (copy&scarch).

After visiting the website, you need to create an account first. The “Static Socks” category will show all the proxies that are online. You can buy proxies from here. You can also buy proxies directly from the “Buy Socks” category. There you will see two plans. One is the daily plan and the other is the credit plan. Daily plan allows you to buy a certain amount of proxies. You will not have any specific limit for credit plan, you can buy as many proxies as you like. My suggestion is that you buy these proxies with the help of Webmoney. Then you can use your proxies as you like.

How to open Root Mail?

At the beginning we will open a browser and clear the cache of the browser. And restart the browser. Then go to settings. Then select the country from the Dichvusocks Socks list and from there take the first 10 Digit IP address and paste it in the Socks Host of Network Settings. Paste the next 5 digits into the Port option. Check your IP address to be sure. Match the timezone of the PC according to the proxy. The Gmail you create in your browser will then be considered a root mail.

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